Pediatric HRZE

Isoniazid + Rifampin + Pyrazinamide + Ethambutol


A critical challenge to treating pediatric TB was the lack of appropriate medicines for children.  In 2010, WHO revised its recommended dosing for childhood TB medicines, but no formulations—either in fixed dose combinations (FDCs) or individual therapies—existed with the new dose recommendations. As a result, treatment was often either delivered at levels lower than the recommended dosage using available formulations, or arrived at by breaking and crushing existing pediatric and adult formulations. This approach institutionalizes poor outcomes and the development of drug resistance. Additionally, the dosing of TB medicines for newborns and infants weighing 5 kg or less have not been adequately studied either as single drug entities or in combination (including as FDCs).

TB Alliance and partners have ideveloped appropriate formulations of the current standard TB treatment (Isoniazid + Rifampin + Pyrazinamide + Ethambutol) for children weighing more than 5kg in line with the WHO's recommendations.The tablets are quickly disperable in liquid, easy to administer, and palatable fruit flavored. More than 800,000 courses of these products have been ordered in 88 countries. 

Countries interested in procuring these improved, pediatric TB treatments can do so here.