About the TB Alliance

What is the mission of TB Alliance (Global Alliance for TB Drug Development)?

Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver better, faster-acting and affordable drugs to fight tuberculosis.

What is a Product Development Partnership?

TB Alliance is a product development partnership, or PDP. PDPs build partnerships between the public, private, academic, and philanthropic sectors to drive the development of new products for diseases of poverty. As not-for-profit organizations, PDPs make the products they develop available to those who need them. Through their unique, collaborative efforts, PDPs are able to access a variety of funding sources and apply a wide range of tools and knowledge to their programs.

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Where is TB Alliance located?

TB Alliance is headquartered in New York and has an office in Pretoria, South Africa, though our work is performed globally through our extensive network of partners.

What are the current career opportunities at TB Alliance?

Open positions at TB Alliance are posted on our website. You can view current job opportunities with TB Alliance by clicking here.

How can I donate to TB Alliance?

TB Alliance accepts individual donations of a one-time or recurring nature. Donations can be made to TB Alliance online, here.

How can I request a speaker from TB Alliance for a conference/event/symposium?

TB Alliance staff participates in many conferences, scientific symposia, and TB awareness events around the world. If you would like to request the TB Alliance to participate in an upcoming event or symposia, please contact Thomas Lynch.

Where can I find a copy of TB Alliance's most recent financial statement?

The TB Alliance posts its financial statements on its website. The most recent statement can be found on our Publications page. A copy of the printed financial statements will be provided on request.

Partnering with TB Alliance

Do you provide grants or other funding opportunities to academic researchers?

We do not simply provide grants or awards to academic researchers or to any other party engaged in tuberculosis research. We prefer to enter into research and development collaborations around a particular drug discovery or drug development program where we can partner to advance the development of that program, whether that be an academic or government organization, a biotech or pharmaceutical company or another product development partnership. In addition to funding our own contributions to such a collaboration, we may also agree to fund certain activities to be performed by our partner in the collaboration or the activities to be performed by third parties in support of the collaboration. Please continue reading for information about partnership opportunities.

I am leading a discovery/development program that shows potential to treat TB. What characteristics does TB Alliance consider when evaluating partnership opportunities?

Preferred attributes of potential anti-TB drugs include:

  • potential to shorten and simplify duration of treatment
  • novel mechanism of action
  • effectiveness against drug-sensitive and multidrug-resistant strains
  • demonstrated efficacy against TB in animal models
  • oral bioavailability
  • compatibility with anti-retroviral therapy for people with TB-HIV co-infection
  • suitability for pediatric populations
  • ability to improve the treatment of latent infection
  • low cost of goods
  • suitability for oral administration

For more information about partnership opportunities, please contact Gerald Siuta.

I am leading a discovery program that has potential to treat TB. At what stage should I approach TB Alliance to explore partnership opportunities?

We welcome discussions regarding collaboration at any stage of a project. However, we prioritize compounds that we determine to have the greatest likelihood of making a significant impact on the TB burden most quickly. Therefore, chemical series with demonstrated novel mode of action, emerging or developed SAR and/or leads which have demonstrated in vivo proof of concept efficacy are of particular interest.

Contact Gerald Siuta who coordinate the process of opportunity evaluation at TB Alliance.

How can I request a small amount of one of TB Alliance's compounds in clinical development for research purposes?

The TB Alliance may make samples of our compounds available for research purposes. For more information about our requirements and to submit a request, contact Hawa Conteh.

Do you have libraries of compounds that could be made available to my organization's target-based TB screening project?

The TB Alliance owns a small collection of proprietary small molecules with activity against TB bacteria. Contact Gerald Siuta to explore opportunities to access this library.

I have developed an assay for an interesting TB drug target; can you perform a high-throughput screening using my assay?

Possibly, but only if the assay is incorporated into a new or existing collaboration with TB Alliance.

Does TB Alliance partner with organizations on access-related initiatives?

As part of TB Alliance's virtual strategy, it will partner with various organizations to manufacture and make any new TB drugs available to those that need them.

For Patients

I'm suffering from TB. Can I receive your experimental drugs?

TB Alliance's TB drug compounds have not yet been approved for use in humans to treat TB, and therefore we cannot provide experimental drug compounds to any patient outside of clinical trials. At this point, the only way to receive these compounds in development by TB Alliance is to participate in a clinical trial testing such drug candidates. If you are suffering from TB and your medical needs are not being met, we encourage you to contact your local health provider, national TB treatment program, and your national Ministry of Health. Learn more about our plans for compassionate use and pre-approval access at this link.

How can I participate in a TB Alliance clinical trial?

TB Alliance conducts clinical trials at many sites throughout the world. The fastest way to get more information about our trials currently enrolling is to log onto clinicaltrials.gov and search for the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development.

Our Pipeline

TB Alliance manages the largest pipeline of new TB drugs in history.

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