Our Commitment

TB Alliance’s mission can only be achieved if new and improved TB medicines reach the millions around the world suffering from the disease.

In many high-burden countries, those most in need of better, faster-acting, and affordable TB cures are often the most difficult to reach. To ensure any new and beneficial products have their maximum impact on the pandemic, TB Alliance’s mission includes an explicit commitment to our "AAA Mandate"—that all new products will be adopted, available, and affordable to those with TB.

  • Adoption

    New products must be adopted by global, national, and local regulatory bodies.

    TB Alliance works closely with decision-makers and relevant stakeholders to support regimen change. From understanding local needs and dynamics to politically and practically supporting policy change, we work to develop the products end-users want, and accelerate and maximize adoption and uptake of improved TB drug regimens.

  • Availability

    New products must reach those in need.

    TB Alliance is committed to ensuring that improved TB regimens are available to all who need them throughout the TB endemic world. By clarifying regulatory pathways and understanding market landscapes, we identify and help navigate potential hurdles to access. Working with manufacturers, distributors, and purchasers, we bridge product supply with country demand to ensure that quality-assured products reach countries and patients around the world.

  • Affordability

    TB treatments must be affordable to those with TB and health systems.

    TB Alliance works with partners to ensure new TB regimens are affordable to patients and countries. This commitment is part of our decision-making criteria even at the earliest stages of research, in which we identify and pursue only those promising compounds that can be developed and manufactured at a low cost. This tenet is reflected also in our commitment to minimizing health system burden and mitigating patient costs by investing in regimens that are simplified, short in duration, and easy to administer.