Our Commitment

TB Alliance’s mission can only be achieved if new and improved TB medicines reach the millions around the world suffering from the disease.

In many high-burden countries, those most in need of better, faster-acting and affordable TB cures can be the most difficult to reach. To ensure any new and beneficial products have maximum impact on the pandemic, TB Alliance’s mission includes an explicit commitment to our "AAA Mandate"—that all new products will be adopted, available and affordable to those with TB.

  • Adopted

    New products must be adopted by global, national, and local regulatory bodies and health systems.

    TB Alliance works closely with decision-makers, local health systems and communities to understand local needs, priorities and processes to develop products for people who need them.

  • Available

    New products must reach those in need.

    TB Alliance is committed to ensuring that improved TB regimens are available to all who need them around the world. We work to understand markets and partner with manufacturers, distributors and purchasers to ensure consistent supply of our products where they are needed.

  • Affordable

    TB treatments must be affordable to those with TB and their health systems.

    TB Alliance works with partners to ensure new TB regimens are affordable to patients and countries. From prioritizing cost of goods when evaluating early stage research opportunities to fostering a competitive marketplace for our products, we work to ensure that cost isn't a barrier to those in need of the TB cures we develop.

Ensuring Access

TB Alliance works with partners and stakeholders across a wide range of activities to achieve our "AAA Mandate."

Policy and Guidelines

Ensure new products are endorsed and recommended to drive use

TB Alliance works with the WHO and regulatory agencies like U.S. FDA, European Medicines Agency (EMA) and national regulatory and health systems to ensure that all products are appropriately endorsed and included in policies and guidelines.

Evidence Generation

Perform and disseminate research in support of new cures

TB Alliance works with universities, researchers, and civil society partners to understand the market for new treatments and quantify the benefits of products in development to help drive demand.

Supply / Availability

Ensure consistent global supply of products at affordable prices

TB Alliance works with manufacturing partners, such as Viatris, Macleods, Hongqi Pharmaceutical, Lupin, and Remington Pharmaceuticals, as well as procurement institutions like the Global Drug Facility and The Global Fund to ensure that countries are able to access new treatments at affordable prices.