Discovering new drug candidates and advancing them into the clinic will be crucial to forming the short, effective TB cures that will transform TB treatment.

A Strategic Approach

We are assembling tomorrow's short, simple, and effective TB regimens. The close relationship between our discovery and drug development programs allows knowledge gained from clinical trials to feed back into the discovery of new drug candidates. As our efforts evolve, our discovery team is pursuing new strategies to develop even more promising new regimens. As part of this approach, we consider the needs of the end user and procurer of the product when selecting discovery projects to pursue. These attributes include cost of goods, suitability for oral administration, and other practical as well as scientific considerations.

“We cannot hope to end TB without dramatically shorter, simpler and better treatments.”

Our Pipeline: Discovery

TB Alliance manages the largest pipeline of new TB drugs in history.

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The Power of Partnership

The TB Alliance has partnered with some of the world's leading drug developers to jointly manage TB drug discovery portfolios consisting of multiple TB drug discovery programs. This approach aligns target product profiles, makes efficient use of resources, and leverages the expertise and contributions of each partner to have a significant impact on the global discovery portfolio. TB Alliance jointly manages TB drug discovery portfolios with leading pharmaceutical companies, preeminent academic programs, and esteemed research institutes.

TB Alliance is also a member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's TB Drug Accelerator Program. This program brings TB drug developers together to share work and knowledge and accelerate the most worthy discovery programs. TB Alliance's participation in this group will help smooth new drugs' pathway from the lab to the clinic.

Identifying Promising Regimens Early

TB Alliance engages pharmaceutical companies, funders, and global regulatory bodies to support the innovative approach of testing new TB drug candidates together early in the drug development process. This collaboration with Johns Hopkins University screens potential drug combinations using predicative animal models to identify the most promising TB regimens at the preclinical stage.