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6/2023 - Indian Journal of Tuberculosis

Author(s): Nibedita Rath, Chaitali Nikam, Stephanie Seidel, Anindya Sinha, Vijay Arora

Tags: Advocacy, Community Engagement, TB Burden, Underserved Populations

Fed- and Fasted-State Performance of Pretomanid Amorphous Solid Dispersions Formulated with an Enteric Polymer

5/2023 - Molecular Pharmaceutics

Author(s): Hanh Thuy Nguyen, Tu Van Duong, Sarah Jaw-Tsai, Rebecca Bruning-Barry, Poonam Pande, Rajneesh Taneja, and Lynne S. Taylor

Tags: Pretomanid/PA-824, TB Drug Market, Underserved Populations

Next-Generation Diarylquinolines Improve Sterilizing Activity of Regimens with Pretomanid and the Novel Oxazolidinone TBI-223 in a Mouse Tuberculosis Model

3/2023 - Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

Author(s): Si-Yang Li, Paul J. Converse, Fabrice Betoudji, Jin Lee, Khisimuzi Mdluli, Anna Upton, Nader Fotouhi, Eric L. Nuermberger

Tags: Bedaquiline (TMC-207), BPaL, Clinical Development, Drug Discovery, Linezolid, Preclinical Data, Preclinical Models, Pretomanid/PA-824

Community engagement in tuberculosis research: the EU-Patient-cEntric clinicAl tRial pLatforms (EU-PEARL) experience

3/2023 - International Journal of Infectious Diseases

Author(s): Francesca Saluzzo, Juan Espinosa-Pereiro, Stephan Dressler, Ezio Tàvora Dos Santos Filho, Stephanie Seidel, Jesus Gonzalez Moreno, Norbert Heinrich, Adrian Sanchez-Montalva, Daniela Maria Cirillo

Tags: Advocacy, Clinical Development, Community Engagement, Trial Design, Underserved Populations

Lifesaving, cost-saving: Innovative simplified regimens for drug-resistant tuberculosis

11/2022 - PLOS Global Public Health

Author(s): Aastha Gupta, Sandeep Juneja, Suvanand Sahu, Mohammed Yassin, Grania Brigden, Eliud Wandwalo, Saurabh Rane, Fuad Mirzayev, Matteo Zignol

Tags: Bedaquiline (TMC-207), BPaL, Linezolid, Pretomanid/PA-824, TB Burden, TB Drug Market, TB Market

Bedaquiline–Pretomanid–Linezolid Regimens for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

9/2022 - New England Journal of Medicine

Author(s): Francesca Conradie, et al., for the ZeNix Trial Team

Tags: Bedaquiline (TMC-207), BPaL, Clinical Trial Results, Linezolid, MDR-TB, Pretomanid/PA-824, XDR-TB

Assessment of the Carcinogenic Potential of Pretomanid in Transgenic Tg.rasH2 Mice

7/2022 - International Journal of Toxicity

Author(s): Jeffrey L Ambroso, John Dillberger, Rebecca Bruning-Barry, Tian Yang

Tags: Pretomanid/PA-824

Male reproductive hormones in patients treated with pretomanid


Author(s): Boekelheide K, Olugbosi M, Nedelman J, Everitt D, Smith E, Betteridge M, Sun E, Spigelman M

Tags: MDR-TB, Pretomanid/PA-824, XDR-TB

Toxicity and toxicokinetic assessment of an anti-tubercular drug pretomanid in cynomolgus monkeys

4/2022 - Toxicology Reports

Author(s): Rebecca Bruning-Barry, Jeffrey L.Ambroso, John Dillberger, Tian J.Yang

Tags: Pretomanid/PA-824

Ancient and recent differences in the intrinsic susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex to pretomanid

3/2022 - Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Author(s): Anna Bateson, Julio Ortiz Canseco, Timothy D McHugh, Adam A Witney, Silke Feuerriegel, Matthias Merker, Thomas A Kohl, Christian Utpatel, Stefan Niemann, Sönke Andres, Katharina Kranzer, Florian P Maurer, et al.

Tags: Drug-Sensitivity Testing, Pretomanid/PA-824

Single Ascending-Dose Study To Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics of Sutezolid in Healthy Adult Subjects

3/2022 - Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Author(s): Paul Bruinenberg, Jerry Nedelman, Tian J. Yang, Fran Pappas, Dan Everitt

Tags: Pharmacokinetics, Sutezolid

Budgetary impact of using BPaL for treating extensively drug resistant tuberculosis

1/2022 - BMJ Global Health

Author(s): Christiaan Mulder, Stephan Rupert, Ery Setiawan, Elmira Mambetova, Patience Edo, Jhon Sugiharto, Sani Useni, Shelly Malhotra, Sarah Cook-Scalise, Imran Pambudi, Abdullaat Kadyrov, Adebola Lawanson, Susan van den Hof, et al

Tags: BPaL, MDR-TB, TB Market, XDR-TB

Comparative Efficacy of the Novel Diarylquinoline TBAJ-876 and Bedaquiline against a Resistant Rv0678 Mutant in a Mouse Model of Tuberculosis

12/2021 - Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

Author(s): Deepak Almeida, Paul J. Converse, Si-Yang Li, Anna M. Upton, Nader Fotouhi, and Eric L. Nuermberger

Tags: Bedaquiline (TMC-207), Preclinical Data, Preclinical Models

Acceptability, feasibility, and likelihood of stakeholders implementing the novel BPaL regimen to treat extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis patients

7/2021 - BMC Public Health

Author(s): S. E. J. van de Berg, P. T. Pelzer, A. J. van der Land, E. Abdrakhmanova, A. Muhammad Ozi, M. Arias, S. Cook-Scalise, G. Dravniece, A. Gebhard, S. Juneja, R. Handayani, D. Kappel, M. Kimerling, I. Koppelaar, S. Malhotra et al

Tags: BPaL, MDR-TB, Regimen Change, TB Drug Market, TB Market, XDR-TB