TB Market Access Research


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Quickly generate a customized cost effectiveness analysis for implementing six-month drug-resistant TB treatments

Access to the latest treatment innovations is a human right.

We cannot afford to stop until our treatments are available to everyone who needs them. To date, new, six-month treatments for DR-TB have been producured to reach

40,000+ patients
in 70+ countries

TB Market Research

PeerLINC Knowledge Hub

The PeerLINC Knowledge Hub follows a peer-to-peer model. It connects experts in countries who have rapidly adopted new TB treatments with other countries interested in adopting, so they can share best practices, experience, tools and materials to help accelerate widespread access to improved TB cures

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Fast Track the Cure

Fast Track the Cure brings communities around the world together to raise awareness and facilitate access to new treatments for drug-resistant TB, while ramping up advocacy to tell world leaders that six-month DR-TB cures must be widely adopted and available to all who need them.

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The LIFT-TB initiative seeks to save the lives and livelihoods of people with tuberculosis (TB), their families, and their communities by broadening and accelerating the adoption and scale up of novel drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) treatment regimens and reducing the burden on health systems.

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With this flexible model, developed by TB Alliance and Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, users can quickly generate a customized cost effectiveness analysis for implementing six-month drug-resistant TB treatments.

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Determining the Pediatric TB Burden

A major historical challenge in tackling childhood TB has been understanding the scope of the problem.

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The Global TB Market

Pathway to Patients: Charting the Dynamics of the Global TB Drug Market, was the first comprehensive analysis of how today's TB drugs reach patients on a global scale.

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Value Propositions of New Regimens

TB Alliance sought opinions on attributes that key decision-makers want in new regimens, including safety, efficacy, drug delivery, side effect profiles, and cost.

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Understanding Regimen Change

TB Alliance investigated health systems to understand the regimen change process, in order to accelerate and maximize the uptake of new products.

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Defining the Role of the Private Sector in Treatment

TB treatment is widely understood to be a public sector responsibility. However, our research found that in some countries the volume of TB drugs sold in the private sector is equal to or greater than the volume sold in the public sector.

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