Partners are critical to advance TB Alliance’s drug development efforts.

Developing drug regimens that can make a difference in the global TB pandemic demands a substantial financial commitment from donors and governments worldwide. The progress we have seen is wholly dependent on the generosity of donors, who recognize that in addition to sparing millions of lives from this devastating illness, the elimination of TB will be critical toward reaching the aims of global health security and fending off antimicrobial resistance around the world. We rely on donor support to fill the gap for new TB drugs. Learn about our donors, which are foundations, government agencies and individuals.

A global network of partners

As a not-for-profit product development partnership, TB Alliance partners with governments, foundations, academic institutions, the private sector and civil society organizations among others to achieve its mission.

TB Alliance is grateful for the ongoing support of our partners, and looks forward to leveraging donor investments to further advance the TB drug development pipeline and bring about new TB treatments that can reach every person who needs them.

Partner Spotlight:
University College London

University College London (UCL) England, is a leading public university, and its Centre for Clinical Microbiology (CCM) and Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit (MRC CTU) are among TB Alliance’s longest standing partners. Researchers from UCL initiated and were instrumental in carrying out the phase 3 REMoxTB clinical trial, which in 2017 saw further analysis published in a BioMed Central research series. CCM is testing the susceptibility of strains to the BPaL regimen studied in Nix-TB and ZeNix, as well as supporting all microbiological aspects of the studies. MRC CTU is responsible for the efficacy and statistical analysis of those trials among other TB Alliance led projects.

“The TB Alliance/UCL collaboration has contributed to the increased pace of TB trials over the last few years, providing a framework for trial delivery that is being rolled out by TB trial initiatives, increasing the likelihood that we achieve the goal of treatment-shortening sooner rather than later.”

Changing the sound of TB

Louder Than TB

The Louder Than TB campaign is made up of more than 50 organizations committed to marshalling global consciousness of and action against the TB pandemic. On World TB Day, partners came together at UNICEF headquarters in New York.

Learn more: www.louderthantb.org

Community Relations

Nurturing strong relationships with local communities that host TB Alliance’s clinical trials is core to achieving success in developing transformative drug regimens. In 2017, community engagement officers from more than 30 trial sites around the world served as liaisons between TB Alliance and local community advisory boards, playing a key role in dissemination of information and ensuring the success of clinical trials. Learn more at our community engagement page.

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Annual Report 2017