Bedaquiline + Pretomanid + Pyrazinamide


“BPaZ” is a promising TB treatment regimen in development that has the potential to be an improved treatment for the majority of TB patients. The BPaZ regimen consists of bedaquiline (B), pretomanid (also known as PA-824 or Pa), which are two of the newest and most promising drugs for tuberculosis (TB), and pyrazinamide (Z), which is an established drug in the current treatment.  BPaZ shows promise to reduce TB treatment to as little as three months.This potential TB treatment regimen was identified by its impressive performance in vitro in TB Alliance’s preclinical regimen identification program. This is an oral regimen, removing the need for injectables as part of MDR-TB treatment and also projecting to be markedly less expensive than current MDR-TB therapy. 

Regimen Components

Regimen Trials