A Communal Effort Against TB

Ending TB is beyond the capacity of any one organization. TB Alliance’s achievements are dependent on the work of an entire community of partners, including a diverse base of funders who share a vision of a world without TB.

In a year of tumultuous fiscal realities, TB Alliance deepened its relationships with long-standing supporters and strove to build new partnerships and expand our community of support. This includes securing grant extensions or new commitments from UK FCDO, USAID, KfW (Germany), DGIS (Netherlands), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Irish Aid. Furthermore, we deepened our engagement with the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) by joining the UNITE4TB program.

A pandemic of this scale requires a community with a coordinated and long-term vision to effectively combat it.

Together, we can end TB.

Building Research Capacity in Europe

As part of the IMI, TB Alliance works with partners in the research and development of new technologies and medicines to treat TB disease. TB Alliance has joined three projects under IMI: EU-Pearl, ERA4TB, and UNITE4TB. In 2021, the TBAJ-587 clinical trial, the first Phase 1 trial in humans conducted by TB Alliance through the ERA4TB project, completed the Single Ascending Dose and Food Effect cohorts. This research will shape TB Alliance’s strategic approach to developing the next generation of TB treatments.

From Global to Local

A crucial aspect of successfully developing and delivering new and improved TB cures is working closely with communities that are impacted by TB. Through our Community Engagement program, TB Alliance works with communities to promote open communication and participation in TB drug research and maintains a dialogue with community members to ensure all new treatments meet their needs. Throughout 2021, TB Alliance hosted a series of five virtual forums to share and hear updates from partners around the world. These webinars created a meeting space despite travel and safety restrictions and sought to minimize barriers to participation for those in low-resource settings.

Our Funding in 2021

In a year when more people died of TB than the year before – the first such year in a decade – TB research funding remained flat at less than half of the global funding target of US$2.16 billion per year. Despite this persistent scarcity, TB Alliance has continued to advance its research and product delivery agenda based on the strength of its pipeline, funders, and partners.

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