TB Alliance Annual Report 2021: Charting the Course

“With enhanced commitment and global collaboration, we can overcome these global health challenges and one day see a world where no one dies of TB.”

Mel Spigelman,
President and Chief Executive Officer

We live in an age of pandemics. As you’re reading this, TB is killing more people in
Bangladesh Cambodia Central African Republic China Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Ethiopia India Indonesia Kenya Lesotho Liberia Mozambique Myanmar Namibia Nigeria Pakistan Papua New Guinea Philippines Sierra Leone South Africa Tanzania Thailand Zambia Zimbabwe
than COVID-19—or any other infectious disease.

We've all come to know the power of infectious diseases – but we also know the power of science.


We cannot end the TB pandemic without a revolution in science. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that new
Tools Drugs Diagnostics Vaccines
can be brought to bear with the right amount of funding and political will.

People with TB deserve that same commitment. In 2021, TB Alliance showed the power of science with ZeNix: a clinical trial of a six-month regimen for highly drug-resistant forms of TB. All four arms of the trial showed favorable outcomes, with an overall treatment success rate of approximately 89%.

0% of all participants had favorable outcomes

We’re bringing new weapons to the fight against TB.

The 1940s—1960s were considered the “golden age” of TB drug development. After half a century of little to no innovation, the drought has ended.


Access to the latest treatment innovations is a human right.

1,845 patients in more than 30 countries accessed TB Alliance products for highly drug-resistant TB alone in 2021. We cannot afford to stop until our treatments are available to everyone who needs them.

0 patients
in 0 countries

We’re falling short of global goals—COVID-19 has made that worse. We work with many partners to achieve our vision of a world in which no one dies of TB. Please join the fight.

For the first time in a decade, the TB situation is getting worse, not better. More people are dying despite recent breakthroughs. Now is the time to recommit.

Learn how this year’s progress will shape the course of the TB response for millions.

TB Alliance in 2021

An overview of the milestones TB Alliance achieved toward our goal to develop new, better treatments for all forms of TB.

Annual Report 2021