TB Innovations

Leveraging Resources

Every dollar donated to the TB Alliance produces additional impact. The TB Alliance is committed to making its donors' contributions go as far as possible. A network of partners and series of innovative initiatives ensures maximum impact of donor funds, while helping to intensify the fight against TB.

TB perpetuates the poverty cycle and is one of the world's worst killers, yet it is among the most neglected and underfunded diseases in the world.

Since its establishment, the TB Alliance has garnered substantial support and receives generous donations from many supporters. However, the economic crisis around the world is compromising many governments’ ability to contribute, making the funding environment even more difficult for TB drug development.

In the face of such challenges, the organization has implemented other approaches to ensure it can mount a long-term sustainable fight for new tools and achieve improved TB regimens the world so desperately needs. To multiply our impact, we are coordinating capabilities through such initiatives as the Critical Path to New TB Drug Regimens (CPTR) and the Global Health Research & Development Centre (GHRC) of China, which brings new partners and resources into the fight for better TB drugs.

Generous in-kind contributions from its partners have enabled the TB Alliance to substantially augment its work. The total value of TB Alliance programs is more than twice our investment. That means more funding equals more impact against this disease that has ravaged the world for too long.