Developing New Regimens

TB Medicines for All

Without improved, simpler, safer, and affordable cures for tuberculosis – in all its forms—we cannot eradicate the disease.

TB Alliance has the largest portfolio of potential TB treatments in the world. Our pipeline includes several late-stage drug regimens poised to make a transformative impact on the disease. Our product development strategy, whereby we develop drug combinations instead of individual drugs, shows promise to deliver treatments for drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB, and unify TB therapy under a common, short and simple cure.

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Novel Regimens Poised for Impact

TB Alliance’s ultimate vision is to develop a completely novel drug combination that can treat all forms of TB. The regimens we are currently evaluating in late-stage clinical trials reflect this goal. The more novel drugs in a regimen, the greater proportion of the population that it will be able to cover.

Our Pipeline

TB Alliance manages the largest pipeline of new TB drugs in history.

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Focus on Nix-TB:

The Nix-TB study is among the first clinical trials to test a new regimen for XDR-TB. It is the first to test an all-oral drug regimen, comprised of drugs with minimal pre-existing resistance, which has the potential to shorten, simplify, and improve treatment for XDR-TB.

The Nix-TB regimen is comprised of three drugs with little or no known resistance. However, the true potential of such a regimen is even greater. Given the lack of pre-existing resistance to the drugs in this regimen, it shows potential to be a universal regimen — in other words, a single TB regimen that can treat virtually all patients with active TB — with a relatively simple and affordable regimen.

Advancing the Field

TB Alliance also works to advance the entire field of drug development through the release of several innovative tools, and its leadership role in the Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens (CPTR) Initiative. CPTR is a multi-sectoral initiative that is tackles a wide array of challenges associated with TB drug development, including product development, regulatory science, research resources, and drug sensitivity testing. TB Alliance lead’s CPTR’s “Drug Coalition” arm, which brings drug sponsors work together to assemble and test the most effective treatment regimens.

Establishing the regimen development paradigm