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TB Alliance relies on support from our donors and we are indebted to them for their support. None of the accomplishments of the past year would have been possible without their continued commitment. TB Alliance makes every effort to ensure donor money contributes optimally to developing and enabling widespread access to impactful and affordable new TB therapies.

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Fighting a Pandemic through New Challenges

The WHO’s Global Tuberculosis (TB) Report 2020 confirms that efforts to track and treat TB worldwide continued to trend in a positive direction during 2019. However, it also notes the more than $1 billion annual shortfall in funding targets for TB research persists. Full funding of a robust portfolio of new TB treatments, vaccines, and diagnostics—as well as investment in ensuring widespread access to those technologies—is needed to realize rapid and effective TB prevention, diagnosis, and therapy for all.

While 2019 progress was moderately encouraging, hard-won gains against TB are at risk. The report estimates that the number of people developing TB could increase by more than 1 million per year between 2020–2025 due to COVID-19.

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic renders the pursuit of funding for TB research and control more competitive than ever before, while illustrating what is possible when stakeholders around the world mobilize against a health threat with urgency and willingness to invest. Like COVID-19, any attempt to eradicate TB requires a tremendous global financial commitment to discover and develop new technological modalities, including vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. The TB field remains far from realizing those resources.