Scientific Advisory Council Meeting: Accelerate Genomic Research

October 8, 2002

The TB Alliance Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) reviewed progress and outlined future research directions for the ongoing R&D strategy of the TB Alliance at its regular meeting in Montreal, coinciding with the IUATLD annual convention and the TB Alliance Stakeholders Meeting.

After completing an initial review of promising TB drug candidates from among lead compounds identified over the last year, the SAC recommended that the TB Alliance continue its current development plans and expand the range of potential compounds by leveraging recent TB genomic research. New genomic information on the TB bacterium will identify new targets and provide ways to screen large compound libraries for new leads.

The TB Alliance intends to explore the potential of recently identified, latency-associated biochemical pathways for the identification of new valuable compounds that will improve treatment of latent infection and shorten the duration of treatment for the active disease.