Global Forum for Health Research:10/90 Report on Health Research 2003-2004

May 31, 2004

The Global Forum for Health Research recently launched its fourth report on the state of world health research.

The Report covers progress in helping correct the 10/90 gap in health research over the past two years. It was prepared by the Secretariat of the Global Forum for Health Research on the basis of presentations and discussions at Forum 7, held in December 2003 in Geneva, as well as those at Forum 6, held in October 2002 in Arusha, Tanzania, and on the basis of the work of the Global Forum and its partners during 2003 and 2004. The Secretariat alone is responsible for the views expressed.

In addition to reviewing the recommendations made since 1990 to help correct the 10/90 gap, the 10/90 Report also reviews the actions taken since then. It leads with two strong messages to ministers of finance: health research pays big dividends, and you will need research to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The report's contents include:

Foreword by Richard Feachem
Executive Summary
Chapter 1 - A message to ministers of finance
Chapter 2 - An overview of the Global Forum for Health Research
Chapter 3 - Correcting the 10/90 gap
Chapter 4 - Priority setting in health research
Chapter 5 - Progress in measuring the 10/90 gap
Chapter 6 - Gender, the MDGs and health research
Chapter 7 - Research capacity strengthening: progress and perspectives
Chapter 8 - Information networks in health research: an overview
Chapter 9 - Some networks in the priority research areas

A Networks focusing on diseases and conditions
– Global Alliance for Cancer Control
– Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
– Initiative for Cardiovascular Health Research in Developing Countries
– Medicines for Malaria Venture
– Mental and Neurological Health
– Reproductive Health
– Road Traffic Injuries Research Network
– Roll Back Malaria

B Networks focusing on determinants (risk factors)
– Child Health and Nutrition Research Initiative
– Sexual Violence Research Initiative

C Networks focusing on priority-setting methodologies

D Networks focusing on policies and cross-cutting issues
– Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research
– Council on Health Research for Development
– Initiative on Public-Private Partnerships for Health