Our partners

With our partners, we advance new TB cures.

As a global leader in developing and delivering new and improved cures for tuberculosis (TB), TB Alliance manages the largest portfolio of TB drug candidates in history, conducts research around the world, facilitates access to new technologies, and works globally with advocates, community groups, funders, and policymakers to build support for TB drug research. We forge and drive partnerships across a diverse range of sectors and geographies to realize our vision of a world where no one dies of TB. This model has helped us to introduce new cures for pediatric TB and a new therapy for drug-resistant TB – achievements that would not have been possible without the invaluable contribution of our partners.

TB Alliance collaborates with more than 350 partners around the world.

TB Alliance partners with communities where TB research happens.

We work with more than 70 non-profit organizations across 25 countries

and more than 20 TB Community Advisory Boards (CABs) in many high-burden countries

TB Alliance works with more than 35 different government agencies around the world

Our Stakeholders Association is made up of 60 members representing 16 countries

TB Alliance is funded by 14 organizations and partners from 9 countries.

Our Pipeline

TB Alliance manages the largest pipeline of new TB drugs in history.

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