First UN High-Level Meeting on TB

World Leaders Must Commit to Global TB R&D

The first-ever UN High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis (HLM) on September 26, 2018 is a landmark opportunity to marshal political will and resources to end TB. TB Alliance expects member states to finally step up the fight against the disease. We can defeat TB and overcome antimicrobial resistance by closing the funding gap for TB research and product development through equitable approaches, securing universal access to new medicines and fostering global collaboration.

Read TB Alliance's statement on the political declaration on the UN High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis

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HLM Resources and Background

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TB Alliance Research and the Key Asks

The global TB community has focused on five key asks as priority actions Heads of State and governments must take dramatically accelerate progress against TB. TB Alliance’s vision and programs are central to each of these asks.

1. Reach all people by closing the gaps on TB diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

TB Alliance’s goal is simple, short and effective TB treatment appropriate for and available to all. Today, the cost and complexity of MDR-TB therapy leaves nearly half of those suffering untreated. New, all-oral regimens have the potential to treat both drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB.

2. Transform the TB response to be equitable, rights‑based and people‑centered

TB Alliance’s commitment to improving TB treatment is rooted in a desire to improve the treatment experience and outcomes for all those with TB. We involve the community voice in our research programs and are committed to all our products being affordable, adopted and available around the world.

3. Accelerate development of essential new tools to end TB

TB Alliance oversees the largest portfolio of potential new TB cures in history. We have already introduced improved TB treatments for children, and are currently developing new therapies to transform the treatment of TB and drug-resistant TB.

4. Invest the funds necessary to End TB

TB Alliance is a product development partnership, a highly efficient and cost-effective business model for developing the tools required to fight the world’s leading global health threats. With increased and well-directed investments in TB research, game-changing global health breakthroughs can become a reality.

5. Commit to decisive and accountable global leadership, including regular UN reporting and review

TB Alliance is helping those affected by TB raise their voices to ensure global leaders are accountable and commit the needed attention and resources to end TB.