TB Alliance Annual Report 2022: Lighting the Path

We are fighting for a future in which everyone with TB can be treated with the safest, shortest and most effective regimens possible.
Mel Spigelman,
President and Chief Executive Officer

TB remains the leading cause of infectious disease death – killing about 1.6 million people in 2021 alone.

The TB pandemic won’t end without innovative approaches to developing new tools to prevent, diagnose, and treat the disease, coupled with a commitment to universal access putting new tools into the hands of all who need them around the world.

In recent years, we’ve seen what’s possible. Not only can a small nonprofit organization develop and deliver a transformative new regimen for drug-resistant TB, but we’ve also seen what the world can do when we address a global health issue head on.
David Norton,
New Chair of the TB Alliance Board of Directors

2022 Highlights

Updated treatments

The World Health Organization (WHO) updated its treatment guidelines for drug-resistant TB, allowing for nearly all DR-TB patients globally to receive short, six-month, all-oral regimens.

Money saved

A new study found that the BPaL/BPaLM treatment regimens could save governments up to US$740 million annually

New partnerships

TB Alliance fostered a new access partnership to help pave the way for expanded access to shorter, more effective, treatment regimens for DR-TB patients globally.


In recent years, advancing the fight against TB has taken a new kind of approach in drug development, which is a consortia-based approach.

These consortiums bring together research partners around the world to pool resources and expertise to help advance the discovery and development of potential new drug candidates and compounds.

More than 60 academic partners across 19 countries

More than 20 non-profit organizations across 25 countries

About 70 non-profit organizations across 25 countries

We must constantly look toward new, innovative approaches to finding solutions for the world’s most difficult global health problems.


TB Alliance’s mission cannot end until all people with TB have access to new treatments.

To date 50 countries have procured the six-month, all-oral BPaL regimen to treat over

7,000 people with drug-resistant TB.


TB Alliance is always seeking innovative ways to advance the fight to end TB – whether through work in consortia, open-source drug development, or our Community Engagement program.

We are funded by 19 organizations and partners from 11 countries.

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As we expand access to the presently available improved treatments, we are equally committed to finding the next compounds and regimens that will have a profound impact on the TB pandemic. Without new partnerships and relentless innovation, the world’s most difficult global health problems will continue to go unsolved.

Annual Report 2022