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Events Calendar

 Tuesday, 23 October 

Stakeholders Association Annual Meeting

16:30 | Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag

Participants will discuss strategies for the global introduction and uptake of new TB drug regimens, as well as their potential impact on today’s treatment landscape.

 Thursday, 25 October 

Oral Abstract Presentation

Interim Results of 75 Patients in the Nix-TB Clinical Study of Pretomanid, Bedaquiline and Linezolid

14:00  |  The World Forum, KWA Plenary Hall

Francesca Conradie, Principal Investigator of the Nix-TB trial will present results on the trial's first 75 patients. Nix-TB is evaluating a novel, three-drug regimen (BPaL) in people with extensively drug-resistant and treatment intolerant / non-responsive multidrug-resistant TB.

 Thursday, 25 October 

Louder Than TB Installation

10:00 - 14:00  |  The World Forum Entrance

Join the #LouderThanTB campaign and participate in an interactive video installation.

 Saturday, 27 October 

Analysis of the TB Drug Market in 10 Countries

10:30-12:00  |  The World Forum, Amazon 360

TB Alliance's Shelly Malhotra, Director, Market Access will present findings from a study on the size and value of current public and private TB markets in 10 countries to inform the investment case and understand the context in which forthcoming novel TB drug regimens will be introduced.

 Saturday, 27 October 

Improving Dissemination of Clinical Trial Results - Experiences in TB and HIV Clinical Trials

12:00-13:30  |  The World Forum, Community Space: Ontmoeting 2

TB Alliance's Stephanie Seidel, Senior Manager, Community Engagement will join a panel to discuss strategies to improve communication of findings from clinical trials, including to communities and trial participants.