Delivering treatments for TB.

We envision a world where no one dies of tuberculosis. We are dedicated to the discovery, development, and delivery of better, faster-acting, and affordable cures to help end the TB pandemic.

Current treatments for highly drug-resistant forms of TB have taken 18 months or longer

People can take an average of 14,000 pills over the course of treatment

With poor outcomes, as the WHO reports only a 59% success rate for all people with drug-resistant TB

Now there are new options.

Novel regimens can shorten treatment and help reduce the treatment burden for people with highly drug-resistant forms of TB.

For example, patients can now access a

3-drug, all-oral, six month regimen

Fewer than 750 pills over the course of treatment

Approximately 90% success rate

The future of TB R&D.

We’re working hard to transform treatment for everyone with TB—to be able to treat all forms of TB faster and more effectively.

In 3 months or less

We believe the compounds are already in our pipeline to make this happen, if we can marshal funding, investments, and political will.

Looking ahead, we’re exploring the area of immunotherapy, with a goal to make TB treatment as short as 7-10 days. This uses the body’s immune system along with effective regimens to fight off infection.

Together, we can end TB.

With political will and funding, we can change the game.


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