Employee Programs

At TB Alliance, we value education and personal growth. We support our employees who choose to further their education with the goal of adding or improving skills, increasing knowledge, or otherwise advancing professionally in order to enhance their impact at TB Alliance.

Professional Development Program

TB Alliance supports internal and external learning and development. All employees are encouraged to pursue continued educational and training opportunities inside and outside of the office.

In looking for executive leadership training, I came across the IESE Business School program, ‘Driving Leadership Potential.’ This six-month course combined in-person and asynchronous learning modules with a cohort of participants who learned to reflect on our career path, to find new ways to define leadership, team building, strategic thinking, and ethical business principles. I came away with a renewed sense of purpose and drive that has helped me be a more productive and thoughtful leader.
– Ana Maria Harkins, Senior Director of External Affairs

Education Assistance Program

The Education Assistance Program consists of two components: student loan repayment assistance and tuition reimbursement toward course costs at an accredited educational institution. Employees may participate in one or both program components.

Tuition costs and student loans can often feel insurmountable. I’m glad to be working for an organization that recognizes this and takes steps to ease the burden on its employees. When the student loan repayment assistance was first rolled out, I appreciated the organization’s stance to validate the notion that education costs are almost prohibitive, and that TB Alliance is willing to help employees with existing student loan debt. I’ve personally taken advantage of the programs and am happy to be able to continue my professional development while getting support to pay off my student loans.
– Zaid Tanvir, Project Manager, Preclinical Programs &
Program Manager, WGND