Benefits and Compensation

As part of our overall compensation package, TB Alliance offers a comprehensive suite of health benefits, generous retirement contributions, support for continuing education, and policies to promote work/life flexibility and overall wellness designed to support you and your family.

More broadly, TB Alliance is committed to the physical, emotional, social, and mental wellness of all its staff, with generous paid time-off, paid parental leave, paid family leave, flexible-hybrid work schedules, tuition reimbursement, student loan repayment assistance, and various professional development opportunities for all staff. Additionally, TB Alliance offers services and experiences from gym reimbursement, yoga and meditation courses, to mental health support.

US Employee Benefits

Along with a competitive salary, TB Alliance offers superior employee benefits, including a medical insurance package defined by high levels of coverage and very low co-payments. The package also includes vision and dental insurance for employees, spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children, as well as life insurance/accidental death benefits. Employee benefit costs are paid in full by the organization and employees are covered immediately upon employment.

TB Alliance also offers a retirement savings program in the form of a 401k plan with generous employer contributions and employee matching.

South Africa Employee Benefits

Employees based in our South Africa location receive competitive salaries and generous benefits packages. TB Alliance fully sponsors comprehensive medical benefits for employees and their families, covering in-hospital care in full, as well as most costs associated with day-to-day and specialist visits, and most care for chronic conditions. The package also includes coverage for medical emergencies experienced while traveling, and an optional annual savings medical account.

TB Alliance employees are also immediately eligible for a pension program, with employer contribution and death and disability benefits.