Partners are critical to advance TB Alliance’s drug development efforts

Global Partnerships

As a product development partnership, none of TB Alliance’s work would be possible without the sustained commitment of its diverse network of partners. We engage with researchers, funders, technical partners, communities and stakeholders of all kinds in service of our mission of radically improving TB treatment for every patient. We rely on the generosity of our donors — including foundations, national governments, and private individuals — for supporting the science that is foundational to breakthroughs.

PDP model


In April 2019, TB Alliance and Mylan announced a global commercialization partnership to manufacture and sell a new compound as part of two novel regimens to treat TB. This partnership is central to TB Alliance’s market access strategy. One of the treatments for highly drug-resistant forms of TB has been added to the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility product catalog only two months after receiving approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. Mylan also prioritized submitting the product for registration in several key, high-burden countries, including South Africa and India, and will continue to do so throughout 2020. Through Mylan’s global reach and wealth of experience in delivering quality, affordable medicines, new treatments are on the path to reaching those who need them most.

Anil Soni, Head of Global Infectious Diseases at Mylan, speaks on TB Alliance’s panel at the Breaking Resistance event at the Union Conference

Communities Ending TB

Established in 2008, TB Alliance's community engagement (CE) program is a platform for communities to engage with clinical research programs as they collaborate to evaluate new TB treatments that can shorten and simplify treatment for all. TB Alliance works with community partners to implement Good Participatory Practice principles for all of its research programs. Pillars of this program include providing opportunities for research sites to learn from one another, increasing knowledge about TB and TB research, supporting CE strategies at trial sites with technical assistance, and supporting peer-to-peer mentoring and evaluation. In 2019, 32 CE programs held events in nine countries in support of TB awareness, screening and treatment.

communities ending tb

Stakeholders and Civil Society

The Stakeholders Association (SHA), an institution established at the founding of TB Alliance in 2000, elected Mitchell Warren as its new president in June 2019. Warren, who also serves as Executive Director of AVAC, succeeds Karl Hofmann, who led the SHA since 2013. Recent advances have generated widespread interest in the treatment of highly drug-resistant forms of TB, and sustained dialogue with civil society groups emerged as a key element of TB Alliance’s stakeholder and access strategy. TB Alliance is committed to engaging in transparent, open dialogue with civil society as it develops and introduces new products intended to treat people with TB.

“The SHA has been a core component of the Alliance from its earliest days, in recognition that the Alliance needed all of these different inputs, [...] and I think the Stakeholder Association will play a huge role in helping TB Alliance understand what the next couple of steps need to look like,” says Warren. “Some of this is uncharted territory. And we have to be willing to chart that path together.”

TB Alliance SHA Mitchell Warren