TB Alliance Welcomes Drug-Resistant TB Survivors to Access Advisory Committee

Dr. Zolelwa Sifumba and Dr. Saurabh Rane to Help Increase Access to Urgently Needed Improved TB Treatments

March 24, 2021

NEW YORK (March 24, 2021)—TB Alliance is excited to announce the expansion of its Access Advisory Committee (AAC) to include Dr. Zolelwa Sifumba and Dr. Saurabh Rane. These new members are both survivors of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) and are accomplished medical professionals who are dedicated to TB advocacy.

“We are thrilled to add Dr. Sifumba and Dr. Rane to our Access Advisory Committee,” said Sandeep Juneja, Senior Vice President, Market Access. “Their experiences both as patients and working with health systems will be invaluable to our mission of improving TB treatment for all. Their passion for helping people with TB is well-established.”

The AAC assists, supports, and advises TB Alliance on strategies and approaches to achieve adoption, availability, and affordability of new treatment regimens. Perspectives of TB survivors are essential not only to driving expanded access to new therapies, but to help shape the development of next generation TB treatment regimens.

“I’m excited to join this committee and work with TB Alliance to help ensure that patients receive the best tools available to treat TB, no matter the distance!” said Dr. Rane.

Dr. Rane is a medical professional from Mumbai, India. He was diagnosed with XDR-TB during his medical education. His successful personal fight with the disease included taking 20 pills a day for two years and facing crippling side effects. Today, he is a passionate TB advocate and a healthcare consultant who strives to improve patients' lives. Dr. Rane brings a patient-centric perspective to the system through action-led TB advocacy and works with affected communities and networks like Survivors Against TB. He is an experienced speaker and has been featured on platforms like TEDx and MTV. Dr. Rane has worked with organizations like the Wadhwani AI, IPE Global, and McKinsey & Company to help transform systems through innovations.

“Since having TB, I am operating with a purpose,” said Dr. Sifumba. "I have a big message to share and what I love is that my fight inspires others to fight.”

Dr. Sifumba is a medical doctor from Durban, South Africa. She contracted multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) as a result of her occupational exposure during her studies. Dr. Sifumba endured 18 months of grueling MDR-TB therapy before being cured. Dr. Zolelwa enjoys serving her community and has a special interest in the occupational health and wellness of health workers. She is an advocate and activist in the global fight against tuberculosis and COVID-19, sharing her story on international platforms to educate and give hope to others. She is a member of TB Proof and is one of the Global Fund’s Faces of the Fight.