TB Alliance Statement on the UN’s Declaration on Antimicrobial Resistance

From Declaration to Action

September 21, 2016

"TB Alliance welcomes the UN’s Political Declaration on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), which is an important step in mobilizing the political and financial resources to address the growing problem of drug resistance. A response to AMR requires tackling TB, as about one in four deaths from AMR are a result of drug-resistant TB. The grim projections forecast for the “post antibiotic age” are already a reality for drug resistant TB in many countries and for patients who are experience the human and economic toll of drug-resistant TB.

The Declaration correctly points to the need for investment in research to bring new antibiotics to market and arm the world with the tools it needs to tackle its most pressing health issues. With our partners, we are advancing new treatments that show hope to transform and improve treatment for drug-resistant TB. This work shows promise to be a pathfinder in modelling how AMR can be successfully tackled through innovation. However, to reach this ultimate vision, we need not just a declaration, but action. All stakeholders must come together, not just to discuss the problem, but to mobilize the necessary increases needed in TB R&D funding. In so doing, we will improve the health and save the lives of not only people today, but for many generations to come."

-Dr. Mel Spigelman, President & CEO, TB Alliance