TB Alliance Statement on Phase II Trial of Vaccine Candidate MVA85A

February 4, 2013

The phase 2b clinical trial of the TB vaccine candidate MVA85A is historic, the first efficacy study of a novel BCG booster tuberculosis vaccine in infants. Although the trial showed little evidence of efficacy in the population studied, it has added a tremendous amount of scientific knowledge to the field, and helped establish an infrastructure that enabled not only the conduct of this trial, but also many studies yet to come.

Phase 2b and 3 vaccine trials are massive undertakings, and we congratulate the effort it took from all the partners involved to complete this clinical trial. Future vaccine trials will be facilitated due to the path paved by MVA85A.

The results of this trial signal another chapter in the search for new TB vaccines, which are needed alongside new drugs and diagnostics, as part of a comprehensive approach to ending the TB pandemic. Only with continued efforts and ongoing funding can the TB community build on these lessons learned and find the tools needed to eliminate TB.