Leveraging Resources

Funding new treatments

TB Alliance makes every effort to ensure that donor money is put to effective use and contributes directly to the development of impactful new TB drug regimens that are adopted, available and affordable.

TB Alliance Spending

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Bridging the Gap

The science of TB drug development is challenging, but the rate-limiting factor governing the pace and scope of progress in the development of new and improved TB treatment regimens, diagnostics, and vaccines continues to be the resources devoted to these causes. The recently released Global Plan to End TB (2018–2022) calls for $10.8 billion to be invested in TB product research over the five-year period. Though investment in TB has increased in recent years, the annual investment remains far from what is needed to achieve the ambitious targets set in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB.

To achieve success and advance research in a precarious funding environment, TB Alliance is working to bridge the TB funding gap by efficiently developing new treatments, engaging in unconventional partnerships that can leverage scarce resources, and drawing global attention to areas in greatest need of support.

Thank you to our donors and partners, without whom none of this work would have been possible.