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Senior Vice President, Research and Development


Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Senior Vice-President of Research and Development will have primary responsibility for the planning and advancement of TB Alliance R&D pipeline.  The Senior Vice-President of Research and Development will oversee and integrate all R&D functions including discovery research, preclinical, clinical development and operations, and regulatory affairs.  The Senior Vice-President of Research and Development will also provide the necessary vision to develop strategic alliances and make key additions to the product portfolio.  This individual will have a strong track record of drug approvals, ideally in both developed and developing countries. This individual will be a senior leader within the organization, contributing to the strategic direction of the TB Alliance and participating with other senior management in all key areas, including resource mobilization, financial management, market access and delivery, policy, advocacy, & communications. program management, and organizational development.  This person will work with the Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), TB Alliance funders and prospective funders, key external stakeholders and decision makers, and the media to ensure that the TB Alliance’s vision and performance meets the needs of a global patient population.  

Position description:

  • Manage overall research and development program strategy, planning and execution:
    • Oversee development of research and clinical development plans designed to enable creative, timely and compliant regulatory strategies and multi-national product registrations.
    • Ensure highest caliber of internal staff and effective network of outside partners, collaborators and service organizations. 
    • Create appropriate balance of infrastructure and outsourcing of R&D programs while meeting the highest standards, scientifically and ethically.
    • Initiate and manage relationships with third parties, such as KOLs, academic, government and industry partners who are core to TB Alliance’s research and clinical development efforts, financial sustainability, and political support.
    • Maintain accountability for management and financial aspects of all R&D.
  • Provide insight and leadership to ensure that TB Alliance achieves its major goals, appropriately sets priorities, and identifies compelling new opportunities, most likely through alliances, innovative discovery efforts and/or acquisition of compounds and/or intellectual property.
  • Serve on Joint Steering Committees and Joint Development Committees with pharmaceutical partners and other alliances.
    • Ensure smooth transitioning of development candidates/programs from research into development, thus creating a seamless approach to R&D.
  • Represent TB Alliance as the senior R&D spokesperson to external constituencies including funding, research, medical, business, non-profit and government organizations.
  • Oversee identification and evaluation of potential licensing and/or partnering opportunities.
  • Contribute to TB Alliance strategy development.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Experience building and leading an excellent research and clinical development capability, ideally heavily outsourced with extensive external alliances, research collaborations, and outsourcing. A deep understanding of the drug discovery and development process including regulatory requirements for registration of new drugs and new indications, with stringent regulatory authorities as well as ideally developing countries.
  • A record of active strategic leadership and participation in the preparation of regulatory submissions, including a leadership role in submission-related meetings and discussions with the stringent regulatory authorities such as the FDA and EMA.  Has participated in and overseen new drug approvals.
  • Experience building and managing collaborations with scientists, contract research organizations (CROs), clinical trial and collaborative networks, universities and research institutes, pharmaceutical partners and other outside organizations.
  • Large and small company experience and work experience in a fast-paced, high-growth, entrepreneurial environment.
  • A Ph.D. and/or required for this position. Subspecialty training or experience in infectious diseases is preferable, but not required.  The candidate should have at least fifteen years of direct experience in drug discovery and clinical development.  


  • Strategic R&D Orientation: The successful candidate will possess the ability to articulate the strategic and visionary context within which the TB Alliance will operate. He/she will have excellent management skills and business acumen.  Long-term action plans for the research, preclinical and clinical development strategies of the organization will draw upon past experience of the successful candidate in leading programs that cut across multiple disciplines, preferably related to infectious disease. 
  • Results Orientation: The successful candidate will be able to point to examples of having delivered outstanding results by successfully developing drug candidates or therapeutic products that were ultimately commercialized, introducing improvements to R&D processes or operations, and devising novel solutions to problems that constrained R&D and therefore the business.  


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To apply for this position, send resumes and cover letters to Please include the position title in the subject line.

Organizational Information:

TB Alliance is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of better, faster, affordable tuberculosis drugs that are available to those who need them.Through innovative science and with partners around the globe, we lead a global effort to ensure development of and equitable access to faster, better tuberculosis cures that will advance global health and prosperity.

With an annual operating budget of approximately $60 million, the TB Alliance leads the advancement of the most comprehensive R&D portfolio of TB drug candidates in history. Additionally, the TB Alliance drives efforts to ensure regulatory approval, country adoption of new regimens, and widespread availability of new drug regimens to patients. For more information, please access the website:

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TB Alliance manages the largest pipeline of new TB drugs in history.

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