Department: External Affairs

Head of External Affairs


The head of External Affairs will lead, strategically and operationally, a broad, multi-faceted resource generation program to enable the TB Alliance to achieve its goals. The head of External Affairs is responsible for providing strategic leadership to the TB Alliance's fundraising, advocacy, policy, community and stakeholder engagement, and communications functions, and has direct oversight for mobilizing resources, advocating for supportive public policies and funding, and engaging stakeholders and communities.

This individual will be knowledgeable about a wide range of funding sources across the public and private sectors.  She or he will be well-versed in the public health policy-making process and will conceptualize and implement plans to influence decision-making and advocacy in support of resource mobilization. The incumbent will be responsible for representing the TB Alliance externally and building strong relationships with key stakeholders and will have responsibility for managing the TB Alliance Stakeholders Association (SHA). This individual will also manage the Communications team to ensure that the TB Alliance communicates strategically with current and prospective funders, the media, and other constituencies.

A strong candidate must have or develop broad understanding of the organization's activities in research and development (R&D) and market access.  The head of External Affairs must be able to effectively optimize both traditional and novel resource generation channels including but not limited to:

  • Government funding sources including international developmental agencies such as the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (UK), Agency for International Development (US), health ministries in target countries, and scientific/medical research agencies such as the Chinese Academy of Medicine and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (India).
  • Multi-lateral organizations such as UNITAID and the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership (EDCTP).
  • Resource and infrastructure sharing partnerships, such as the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG), and other leveraged or in-kind contributions,
  • Private sources of funding such as foundations,
  • Corporate partnerships.
The ideal candidate will have had experience across many, if not all, of the above channels with the ability to quickly develop mastery within each. In addition, she or he must have significant leadership expertise, and marshal resources across the organization as well as directly manage an effective team.

Position description:

Oversee resource generation, grant management and donor relations

  • Define and quantify the organization’s short- and long-term funding needs in collaboration with other senior leaders. 
  • Develop an overall resource generation strategy to ensure funding needs are met and that the funding base is balanced, including leveraging strategic partnerships and resource-sharing initiatives, as well as cash contributions.
  • Identify and develop strategic partnerships, relationships and networks to increase funding, such as a clinical trial consortium and/or a product introduction network for new TB treatments.
  • In concert with Business Development, R&D and Market Access, identify innovative financing mechanisms and structure strategic relationships, to support development and introduction of new TB drug regimens.
  • Oversee management of existing donor relationships, including reporting and grant compliance.
  • Oversee proposal development including strategizing, writing, and submission.

Lead development and implementation of advocacy strategies to influence health policy and generate political and financial commitments for TB drug regimen development and product introduction.

  • Raise awareness about the need for R&D for new TB drug regimens among national and international policy-makers, donors, the research/scientific community and the public health community.
  • Engage governments and multilaterals to allocate greater funding and implement policies to facilitate TB drug R&D.
  • Increase political commitment for new TB drug regimen development by influencing key multilateral and bilateral policy statements, declarations and actions.
  • Develop and promote partnerships and convene/participate in coalitions with other product development partnerships (PDP) to support advocacy strategies.

Apply policy research to build the evidence base for policy recommendations and support resource mobilization efforts

  • Identify financial, scientific, and political barriers to product development and introduction of new TB drug regimens for adults and children and generate policy recommendations to address them.
  • Advise on strategies to communicate and influence thinking and planning around such issues.

. Foster a collaborative network of stakeholders and communities

  • Manage the TB Alliance Stakeholders Association (SHA), whose membership includes governments, advocates, funders, technical agencies, global standard-setting bodies, implementing agencies, and pharmaceutical companies, including managing SHA composition, purpose, and interactions.
  • Oversee community level programs, such as drug research literacy, to engage TB-affected communities in support of successful clinical trial patient recruitment and retention or other strategic objectives.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Prior success with resource generation across a broad array of channels, ideally using scientific and public health underpinnings as the platform resource generation, advocacy, and policy changes.
  • A willingness to work at both a strategic and tactical level, with both oversight responsibility and hands-on operational involvement.
  • The ability to both direct a team and work across an organization.
  • Experience with or knowledge of government and parliamentary systems and political processes, in the context of securing policy change and financial support.
  • Working knowledge of drug product research and development preferred.
  • Outstanding communication and influencing skills with the confidence to present TB Alliance messages to colleagues, the media, partner organizations and others from all walks of life, both orally and in writing.
  • Flexibility and good prioritization skills to produce high quality, accurate outputs under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • Well-honed judgment and analytical skills.
  • Strong organizational and administrative skills.
  • Creative thinking, embodying an entrepreneurial spirit and the highest professional standards.
  • An energetic, positive attitude and determination to succeed. 
  • And a systematic and methodical approach, embracing change and growth.


New York, NY

Organizational Information:

TB Alliance is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of better, faster, affordable tuberculosis drugs that are available to those who need them.Through innovative science and with partners around the globe, we lead a global effort to ensure development of and equitable access to faster, better tuberculosis cures that will advance global health and prosperity.

With an annual operating budget of approximately $60 million, the TB Alliance leads the advancement of the most comprehensive R&D portfolio of TB drug candidates in history. Additionally, the TB Alliance drives efforts to ensure regulatory approval, country adoption of new regimens, and widespread availability of new drug regimens to patients. For more information, please access the website:

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TB Alliance manages the largest pipeline of new TB drugs in history.

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