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Collaboration on Access

As a product development partnership (PDP), the TB Alliance is built on the model of partnership. This concept extends to the area of access, where global partnerships of all kinds are needed to ensure that new TB treatments are adopted, affordable, and available to those that need them.

We work with the Stop TB Partnership's DOTS Expansion Working Group particularly in the areas of Public-Private Mix and Introducing New Approaches and Tools (INAT). Our aims here are to help countries consider how to involve the private sector in improved TB treatment and to assist countries with planning for the introduction of new products.

The TB Alliance is also collaborating with other PDPs, which are all developing health products for diseases where the medical need is great but the financial incentives for pharmaceutical companies are insufficient. The existence of these PDPs, with their various experiences in maximizing product access, provides a unique opportunity for information sharing. With this in mind, in 2008 a group of access staff from PDPs formed the PDP Access Steering Committee, which hosted two meetings in 2008 and 2010 and has commissioned seven discussion papers on the topics of access strategies [pdf - 840KB], country decision-making [pdf - 260KB], regulatory issues [pdf - 340KB], pricing [pdf - 268KB], economics and financing [pdf - 564KB], manufacturing [pdf - 668KB], and pharmacovigilance [pdf - 1,500KB]. Staff members at the TB Alliance have been enthusiastic participants throughout the history of the Steering Committee, and have acted as co-chairs along with other PDP representatives and managed a grant from DGIS on behalf of the PDP Access Steering Committee.