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Director of Market Access - ON HOLD


The Director, Market Access will be responsible for the design and implementation of market research to increase access to and adoption of new TB regimens in 25+ countries with high incidence of tuberculosis, including emerging economies such as BRICS, as well as low-income countries, primarily in Africa and Asia. Through market understanding and intelligence, the Director, Market Access will contribute to rapid and successful introduction and uptake of improved TB treatments, working at both a global and country level.

The position is very broad in scope, with focus on both the pediatric and adult market, on both demand and supply side insights, on both public health and private sector markets, on both building support for adoption of new formulations of existing treatment regimens as well as support for patient access to new regimens. Additionally, the position will determine how market intelligence can be used to build a case for investment in TB drug manufacturing by pharmaceutical companies, or other prospective partners who are in a position to improve market dynamics.

Position Description

  • Ensure TB Alliance has in-depth understanding of pediatric and adult TB markets to guide access and drive adoption of new TB medicines.
  • Design and implement market research to meet a wide variety of internal needs including increasing insight into the size of the public and private markets, the current treatment practices, price trends and procurement practices, the identity of current and possible suppliers and procurers, and the preferences of manufacturers, consumers (including procurers) and providers.
  • Plan and oversee demand forecasting and analysis
  • Lead the efforts to a) define key market drivers and constraints at the global and country levels and b) ensure data are available to support key internal decisions, influence adoption of new formulations and regimens, and secure necessary economic and policy support from a wide range of constituents.
  • Identify and manage relevant project implementation partners, including academic institutions, business information consultants and individual contractors, ideally in BRICS and other high TB burden countries.
  • Provide leadership on best practices and new methodologies for applying a range of clinical, patient, funding, sales, procurement, and export data sets.
  • Prepare a business case for investment in TB drug manufacturing. Develop an investment case for donors and countries to support adoption of improved TB regimens.
  • Present plans, research insights, recommendations in appropriate formats for a variety of audiences (internal & external)
  • Identify new ways in which market data can be leveraged to drive product development and uptake efforts for new TB treatment

Ideal candidates will have

1) MBA or relevant advanced degree desirable. 10+years’ work experience in support of pharmaceutical product development and launch, ideally in emerging geographic markets such as BRICS countries as well as other countries with high incidence of tuberculosis.

2) Proven track record of designing primary research, selecting, commissioning, and overseeing externally conducted research, and experience with resourceful utilization of secondary research to solve challenging business or public health issues.

3) Broad experience with both quantitative and qualitative market research projects, ideally in BRICS as well other countries with high incidence of tuberculosis.

4) Working knowledge of pharmaceutical product development.

5) Working knowledge of current TB treatment landscape, including both public and private sector issues, ideal.

6) Ability to think strategically, handle ambiguity, problem solve, and work across several projects concurrently

7) Excellent communication and analytical skills

8) Drive to succeed and commitment to the aims of the project

9) Commitment to global health and neglected diseases, specifically TB.


Commensurable with experience


New York, NY

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Organizational Information

The TB Alliance is an international product development partnership (PDP) created to accelerate the development and adoption of urgently needed new anti-tuberculosis (TB) drugs. As a not-for-profit organization, the TB Alliance functions through strategic relationships with pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, research labs, and governmental agencies, and deploys preferred service providers for contract research. Based in New York City, the TB Alliance also operates a satellite office in Pretoria, South Africa.

The TB Alliance is preeminent in the TB drug development field and is pursuing faster, simpler treatments for all forms of TB through the innovative PDP business model that bridges the expertise and functionality of industry with academic and public sector interests to meet a major unmet global health need.

With an annual operating budget of approximately $60 million, the TB Alliance leads the advancement of the most comprehensive R&D portfolio of TB drug candidates in history. Currently, a portfolio of more than 20 projects spans from target validation to Phase III clinical development. Additionally, the TB Alliance drives efforts to ensure regulatory approval, country adoption of new regimens, and widespread availability of new drug regimens to patients.

Tuberculosis kills nearly 1.5 million each year. Yet, current treatments are antiquated, inadequate, and excessively burdensome. Long, demanding treatment schedules prove too much for many patients, leading to the emergence of multi- and extensively- drug-resistant TB (MDR-TB and XDR-TB), which are exponentially more expensive and difficult to treat.

For more information, please access the website: www.tballiance.org.


How to Apply


To apply for this position, send resumes and cover letters to jobs@tballiance.org. Please include “Director, Market Access” in the Subject line.

The TB Alliance prohibits discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment because of the individual's race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, genetic predisposition or carrier status, military status or any other characteristic protected by law. This policy applies to all of the TB Alliance's activities, including but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, compensation, assignment, training, promotion, discipline and discharge.